Lumberyard Event b1

Halloween lumberyard with a bunch of gimmicks and logic that makes it work in casual

  1. Entering Beta

    Diva Dan
    To kick off entering beta, I've added some very base-level ideas for atmosphere, assets, and sounds.

    Say hello to Beamy! Beamy is a friendly ghost who wants nothing more than to help your living friends with their spectral beam of good vibes. Beamy will be replacing the standard ghost model in this version.


    At the moment the model only has a very basic hover animation, but down the line, Beamy will be fully animated. Beamy will also eventually...
  2. Update

    Diva Dan
    • The spellbook that spawns when the point unlocks is now a rare spell, and only spawns once
      • The spellbook now has a particle effect to announce it's presence
    • The point now unlocks 90 seconds into a round (previously 60)
      • This should make the "Last Man Standing" bonus a more noticeable mechanic, leading to more varied battles that don't always revolve around the point
    • The Last Man Standing no longer gets increased speed
      • The player...
  3. Update

    Diva Dan
    • New mechanic "Last Man Standing"
      • When your team is reduced to just one player, they will be announced as the last player remaining.
      • This player will be given mini-crits, speed, and a particle effect.
      • This effect will not apply if there is only 1 player on both teams when the round starts.
    This new mechanic will help the underdog, ensuring an interesting final fight. This will also make final 1V1's less of a stalemate, since the minicrit damage will...
  4. Update

    Diva Dan
    A3 Patchnotes:
    • Completely redid the HUD
      • There is now a counter at the top of the HUD that will display how many players are alive on each team, just like normal arena
      • The win counter looks much cleaner, now with new art
    • Turned off all of the random events for the time being
    • Text will appear on the screen to denote which team won the round
    • Changed the win condition to 6 instead of 8
    • Players without minimal HUD enabled will get a hint prompt letting...
  5. Update 1

    Diva Dan
    • Radius for the ghost dispensers are larger
    • Ghosts now drop ammo packs (previous oversight)
    • Text will now pop up on the screen when you become a ghost, letting you know that you can heal teammates
    • New hud
      • Now uses the PD hud as a base instead of a koth clock
      • The bar on the bottom tracks the wins each team has with text to hopefully explain it
      • Win condition is still the same; you dont drop cores or anything
      • Player counters will come soon
    • Fixed...