Graveyard (Lumberyard Event)

Graveyard (Lumberyard Event) b13

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  • Fixed previous upload having no particles packed
  • The random HHH has been replaced with the skeleton king
    • The skeleton is slower, has much less hp, and drops a rare spell when killed
  • Detailed BLU side








  • Added random thunder and lightning

  • Added red and blue colored ghosts that will fly up on the respective team's round wins
  • Lowered the amount of fog particles per system
  • Changed timings of pre-round and end-round events.
    • Pre-round is 10 seconds (previously 7)
    • end round is 7 seconds (previously 5)
  • Spellbook spawns now have a unique sound effect to draw you towards them
  • Made changes to the random HHH
    • 0.7x his usual size
    • Now has 1100 health (previously 3k, up to 8k on a full server)
    • The HHH will enter the capture point room if it cannot track a player anywhere else
    • The HHH is now pinker to signify he's different than normal
  • Added more models around the map such as new cars, trees, and gravestones

  • Detailed the exterior of the other half of the mid building, adding a bell tower (it doesn't ring, sorry)


  • The church now has custom stained glass windows

  • Converted the empty wood shacks into a flower shed and small mausoleum


  • Fixed the control point becoming active in the next round if a round ended during the 5 second open sequence
  • Fixed the announcer being doubled-up when the point is unlocking
  • Removed several pumpkin bomb spots
  • Various clipping tweaks

Random screenshots:


  • Fixed the HHH being able to enter the control point room
  • Updated particle effects for the spell spawner
  • Timings of the map have been changed.
    • 40 seconds into the round, the rare spell spawns in 1 of 3 random locations.
    • 65 seconds in, the point unlocks.
    • 130 seconds in, sudden death occurs and HHH spawns.
    • 180 seconds in, the round ends.
  • The HHH can now spawn once every 4 rounds, randomly
  • Turned half of the mid structure into a church
The church is an early version that is without any custom content. Down the line it'll have proper custom windows, stained glass, bibles, etc. It'll also be flipped on the other side of the map.




  • Regressed the eureka effect fix due to unintended side effects
  • Fixed "last man standing" voicelines not playing
  • The HHH can no longer enter the control point room in order to prevent players fleeing the objective
i forgot to turn on brush entities when compiling

  • Fixed some poor timing with cp unlock relays
  • Fixed the announcer not speaking when the point was becoming unlocked
  • Fixed Eureka Effect users being posthumously trapped in the debug room if killed when teleporting home
  • Ghosts who join late now rise from the coffins in the pit instead of spawning in the air
  • The rare spellbook now has 3 random spawn points, makes a noise on spawn, and has a large light beam particle.
    • The light beam takes 8 seconds to fully manifest, and then the spell will spawn in a flash of white light
  • the HHH spawns in sudden death
  • Fixed players being killed when blastjumping above the death pit
  • Updated ground materials to be envmapped
  • Tweaked health/ammo pickup locations near the cliff to be behind each team's respective shack
  • Fixed some erroneous clipping
Welcome to B2! This version lays down a couple more bits of detailing groundwork while mainly focusing on tackling major bugs with the map and ghosts in general.

While I wait and see if my previously mentioned bug reports get a response, I've gone ahead and put together a ton of failsafes and logic re-works that solve some of the most major issues.

After lots of debugging, it turns out this was caused whenever a player died of direct flames. Not even afterburn, but direct fire- and it happened 100% of a time. Being a 'Big ghost' had several ramifications. The reason the ghosts were large is because there was a trigger surrounding the map. When you became a ghost, you'd leave the trigger (since ghosts cannot interact with them normally), and it'd send some outputs to you such as shrinking you down, giving you a dispenser, and most critically, counting you as dead. Uh oh! Turning someone into a ghost with direct fire meant all of this was bypassed. It wasn't caused by disguised spies like some testers speculated. Through rewriting how a lot of the mode works, this critical issue is now fixed.

A similar bug exists with all methods of teleportation in the game. Sort of like how turning into a ghost from pyro's flames makes you stay in any trigger you're in, teleportation would make you leave any trigger you're in, even if the entrance and destination were encapsulated by the same trigger. Like above, this meant living players who took a teleporter would be shrunken, given a dispenser, etc. For some reason, the lightning ball spell also 'teleports' players around with it's strong pull, making them rapidly exit/enter any trigger they're in. These are problems with the game itself that I cannot fix, however through reworking the gamemode logic, I was able to fix the most important problems. Currently there's still an annoying bug, where if every player on the other team is hit by your lightning ball, they will all be rewarded "Last Man Standing" minicrits, but it's a small and rare enough problem that I decided I'll tackle it later.

Patch Notes:
  • Win condition is now first to 4 (from 5)
  • Kills and deaths are now tracked (thanks tf2 team!)
  • Fixed the majority of cases of players becoming a big ghost on death (and therefor considered alive, or considered contesting a control point)
    • Exceptions, such as multiple players dying at once, are now handled by a failsafe
  • Fixed an bug with the engineer's teleporter and the lightning ball spell that caused players to appropriate the attributes of ghosts
  • Fixed a couple bugged pumpkin bomb spawns
  • Fixed players becoming large ghosts if they died after a round ended
  • Fixed a case of some ghosts not getting a dispenser when dying at the same time as another player
    • This will need revisiting down the line, as it can still happen under rare circumstances.
  • More collision improvements
  • Bits of detailing
  • Ground fog is 30% less dense to improve performance and visibility




To kick off entering beta, I've added some very base-level ideas for atmosphere, assets, and sounds.

Say hello to Beamy! Beamy is a friendly ghost who wants nothing more than to help your living friends with their spectral beam of good vibes. Beamy will be replacing the standard ghost model in this version.


At the moment the model only has a very basic hover animation, but down the line, Beamy will be fully animated. Beamy will also eventually be fully voice acted, to give helpful prompts, such as "Over here!", and "Wait up!", but for now, Beamy will yell out high pitched boos. Let me know what you think!


On top of this, I've put in place some major aspects of the atmosphere.

This map will be themed after a graveyard. The spawn rooms will serve as an entrance to the graveyard, as well as a morgue. The middle building will be a part mausoleum, part crematorium. The downpour weather for the past few days has lead to a mudslide, uncovering decades, maybe even centuries of old caskets and coffins. The overwhelming amount of uncovered dead has led to the freedom of all the souls trapped inside, the ghosts now finally ascending. From the massive amount of visible spectral energy, a curse (or blessing) has been cast on the graveyard- Eternal life!

So far, I've only laid down the most basic parts of this idea. There is a drizzle of rain covering the entire map, along with spooky graveyard fog amongst the gray gravel floor. Shrubbery is dead, and the mudslide has knocked over trees in its wake. The deathpit is filled with coffins, shrouded by fog.



You can see the souls being released from their cages, rising into ascension, on top of a custom skybox for the map that turns the usual trainyard sky into a misty, nighttime version.





If you're worried about your performance suffering from some of these effects, I've tagged a lot of them as "weather", which you can disable inside your advanced options!

Going beta also comes with a few fixes and tweaks. Here are the patchnotes for Beta 1:

  • Healing ghosts now have a unique model and pitched-up sounds
  • The dispenser noises from ghosts are now much quieter
  • Added color correction
  • Added new weather effects
  • Added basic retheming
  • The control point now unlocks 1:20 into the round (previously 1:30, and before that, 1:00)
  • Fixed some exploits involving rare spells
    • NPCs spawned by rare spells will be instantly killed at the end and start of any round
    • Spells the player may be holding will be taken from them as soon as the round ends (previously when the round started)
  • Adjusted some text on the screen to have better alignment
  • Cleaned up a bit more clipping
Thanks for liking the map so far in it's development. I look forward to finishing it and seeing you all have more fun with it!

  • The spellbook that spawns when the point unlocks is now a rare spell, and only spawns once
    • The spellbook now has a particle effect to announce it's presence
  • The point now unlocks 90 seconds into a round (previously 60)
    • This should make the "Last Man Standing" bonus a more noticeable mechanic, leading to more varied battles that don't always revolve around the point
  • The Last Man Standing no longer gets increased speed
    • The player will still get mini-crits as usual
  • Made voice lines more varied
  • Fixed an edge case that was causing players to die at the start of the round
  • Reworked respawn mechanics behind the scenes to prevent players from sitting out in spectator instead of becoming a ghost
  • Fixed control point progress being staggered on the HUD
  • Fixed repeated door sounds outside the map