Lumberyard Event b5

Halloween lumberyard with a bunch of gimmicks and logic that makes it work in casual

  1. Entering Beta

    Diva Dan
    To kick off entering beta, I've added some very base-level ideas for atmosphere, assets, and sounds.

    Say hello to Beamy! Beamy is a friendly ghost who wants nothing more than to help your living friends with their spectral beam of good vibes. Beamy will be replacing the standard ghost model in this version.


    At the moment the model only has a very basic hover animation, but down the line, Beamy will be fully animated. Beamy will also eventually be fully voice acted, to give helpful prompts, such as "Over here!", and "Wait up!", but for now, Beamy will yell out high pitched boos. Let me know what you think!


    On top of this, I've put in place some major aspects of the atmosphere.

    This map will be themed after a graveyard. The spawn rooms will serve as an entrance to the graveyard, as well as a morgue. The middle building will be a part mausoleum, part crematorium. The downpour weather for the past few days has lead to a mudslide, uncovering decades, maybe even centuries of old caskets and coffins. The overwhelming amount of uncovered dead has led to the freedom of all the souls trapped inside, the ghosts now finally ascending. From the massive amount of visible spectral energy, a curse (or blessing) has been cast on the graveyard- Eternal life!

    So far, I've only laid down the most basic parts of this idea. There is a drizzle of rain covering the entire map, along with spooky graveyard fog amongst the gray gravel floor. Shrubbery is dead, and the mudslide has knocked over trees in its wake. The deathpit is filled with coffins, shrouded by fog.


    You can see the souls being released from their cages, rising into ascension, on top of a custom skybox for the map that turns the usual trainyard sky into a misty, nighttime version.


    If you're worried about your performance suffering from some of these effects, I've tagged a lot of them as "weather", which you can disable inside your advanced options!

    Going beta also comes with a few fixes and tweaks. Here are the patchnotes for Beta 1:

    • Healing ghosts now have a unique model and pitched-up sounds
    • The dispenser noises from ghosts are now much quieter
    • Added color correction
    • Added new weather effects
    • Added basic retheming
    • The control point now unlocks 1:20 into the round (previously 1:30, and before that, 1:00)
    • Fixed some exploits involving rare spells
      • NPCs spawned by rare spells will be instantly killed at the end and start of any round
      • Spells the player may be holding will be taken from them as soon as the round ends (previously when the round started)
    • Adjusted some text on the screen to have better alignment
    • Cleaned up a bit more clipping
    Thanks for liking the map so far in it's development. I look forward to finishing it and seeing you all have more fun with it!

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