Lumberyard Event b1

Halloween lumberyard with a bunch of gimmicks and logic that makes it work in casual

  1. Update

    Diva Dan
    • The spellbook that spawns when the point unlocks is now a rare spell, and only spawns once
      • The spellbook now has a particle effect to announce it's presence
    • The point now unlocks 90 seconds into a round (previously 60)
      • This should make the "Last Man Standing" bonus a more noticeable mechanic, leading to more varied battles that don't always revolve around the point
    • The Last Man Standing no longer gets increased speed
      • The player will still get mini-crits as usual
    • Made voice lines more varied
    • Fixed an edge case that was causing players to die at the start of the round
    • Reworked respawn mechanics behind the scenes to prevent players from sitting out in spectator instead of becoming a ghost
    • Fixed control point progress being staggered on the HUD
    • Fixed repeated door sounds outside the map
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