Lumberyard Event b1

Halloween lumberyard with a bunch of gimmicks and logic that makes it work in casual

  1. Update

    Diva Dan
    • New mechanic "Last Man Standing"
      • When your team is reduced to just one player, they will be announced as the last player remaining.
      • This player will be given mini-crits, speed, and a particle effect.
      • This effect will not apply if there is only 1 player on both teams when the round starts.
    This new mechanic will help the underdog, ensuring an interesting final fight. This will also make final 1V1's less of a stalemate, since the minicrit damage will more effectively counter any healing the opponent is getting from ghosts. Let me know what you think!

    • The spellbook on the log will now only appear once the control point is unlocked
      • This will stop the beginning of every round playing the same, where players would race for the spellbook right away.
      • Teams unable to contest the control point can counter a grouped-up enemy team with a well-placed spell.
    • Ghosts can now see ally positions and health
      • Fly over to a teammate who needs some help!
    • Ghost healing radius has been increased once more
    • Merasmus VO now counts down the start of the round, and now announces events like sudden death, the point unlocking, and which team won a round
    • Doors should hopefully not crush people any more
    • Win condition is now 5 (from 6)
    • Cleaned up more collisions and stuck spots
    • Added skybox particles
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