Lumberyard Event b1

Halloween lumberyard with a bunch of gimmicks and logic that makes it work in casual

  1. Update

    Diva Dan
    A3 Patchnotes:
    • Completely redid the HUD
      • There is now a counter at the top of the HUD that will display how many players are alive on each team, just like normal arena
      • The win counter looks much cleaner, now with new art
    • Turned off all of the random events for the time being
    • Text will appear on the screen to denote which team won the round
    • Changed the win condition to 6 instead of 8
    • Players without minimal HUD enabled will get a hint prompt letting them know what ghosts do
    • Fixed players being ressurected after a round ended
    • Cleaned up more collisions
    TO DO:
    1. Add a tie system
    2. Add a balancing system for the losing team
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