Llwyd a6b

i dont even know how to pronounce my own maps name

  1. koth_llwyd_a6b

    -Added new route from first lobby to make the leftmost route (hopefully) viable
  2. koth_llwyd_a6

    -Reverted to a4b basically
    -Then cleaned up health packs and some wooden beam detail
    -Changed some small textures
  3. koth_llwyd_a5b

    -Opened up towers a bit
    -Changed skybox (you might need some shades)
    -Changed grass textures
    -added more hl2 trees
  4. koth_llwyd_a4b

    -Changed cover a lot
    -fixed clipping, overlays, and pretty much finished what was sloppily done the last ver
  5. koth_llwyd_a4

    -elongated and widened mid
    -added back a house around mid
    -fixed leaks
    -lowered some walls
    -poorly but nonetheless still clipped some things (spent too much of my time on fixing mid's layout)
    -marked ammo and health with overlays
  6. koth_llwyd_a3

    -removed entrance to tower from sniper's area
    -turned mid into a few displacements to smooth out odd clipping when walking out of lower sniper's area. Players would get caught here.
    -textured mid's displacement, why the heck not
    -added bald nostalgia critic skybox wait no i didnt
    -added more hl2 trees

    Changes that are being considered:
    -Widening of towers (may cause rework of garden area). This change may occur as a result of future feedback. I'm open to this being a possible change, but...
  7. koth_llwyd_a2a

    -changed one texture on a brush in a doorway
    -added more hl2 trees
  8. koth_llwyd_a2

    -Fixed piss lighting
    -Lit up more areas
    -Removed building at mid
    -Added a shutter door to exit from second lobby thing yeah
    -Changed health and ammo pack positions
    -Added more half life 2 trees