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Llwyd b5c

i dont even know how to pronounce my own maps name

  1. koth_llwyd_b5c

    -properly packed trees. i've saved the amazon!
    -added a few scuffed details to expand upon later.
    -added a welcome camera. no more gross view of the underbelly of the map.
    -fixed blue's shed on mid.
    -added more hl2 trees 20200513160225_1.jpg
  2. koth_llwyd_b5a

    -heightened skybox
    -changed mid drastically
    -added some trees and other smaller details
    -changed a few small doorways here and there
    -clipped some details here n there
    -fixed pit in dungeon to be proper trigger_hurt type
    -added more hl2 trees
  3. koth_llwyd_b4_nny

    haha get it version is b4 like b4nny the pro player haha
    -fixed the abominable doors oh god im so sorry
    -added details and things a lot better cool and good
    -accidentally func_detail'd a bunch of details into one giant detail dunno if that'll break things
    -added uh what's it called oh yeah clip brushes into some areas that were missing them yay
    -fixed some weird skybox brushes i did a while ago lol
    -added the entirety of pl_upwards into mid just kidding aha april fools wait it's not april...
  4. koth_llwyd_b3a

    -changed BSP file uploaded from the mapsrc to the tf/maps BSP file
    -added even more hl2 trees
  5. koth_llwyd_b3

    -added things
    -added stuff
    -fixed approximately 3 and a half trillion leaks
    -added textures cool and swag
    -redid skybox because it was abominable and it still is abominable but that's ok because i will eventually fix it further
    -i guess we skipped b1 and b2 versions i now realize that
    -fixed spawns
    -ate a cheese stick
    -fixed some displacement funkiness yahoo
    -fixed sightlines ur welcome <3 = ] = ]
    -added more hl2 trees
  6. koth_llwyd_a6b

    -Added new route from first lobby to make the leftmost route (hopefully) viable
    -added more hl2 trees
  7. koth_llwyd_a6

    -Reverted to a4b basically
    -Then cleaned up health packs and some wooden beam detail
    -Changed some small textures
    -added more hl2 trees
  8. koth_llwyd_a5b

    -Opened up towers a bit
    -Changed skybox (you might need some shades)
    -Changed grass textures
    -added more hl2 trees
  9. koth_llwyd_a4b

    -Changed cover a lot
    -fixed clipping, overlays, and pretty much finished what was sloppily done the last ver
    -added more hl2 trees
  10. koth_llwyd_a4

    -elongated and widened mid
    -added back a house around mid
    -fixed leaks
    -lowered some walls
    -poorly but nonetheless still clipped some things (spent too much of my time on fixing mid's layout)
    -marked ammo and health with overlays
    -added more hl2 trees
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