Medieval Littleburgh B4

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More detailing and minor layout changes
Fixing a few silly mistakes
Detailing work with minor layout changes
  • Fixed the missing ramp
  • Major detailing near the point towards red spawn
  • Minor layout changes
  • Minor lighting changes
  • Added a new in-door area
  • The big healthpack is now on a platform instead of an edge.
  • Loosing the point now gives speed boost instead of crits.
  • Greatly expanded the point's cap zone.
  • Added barriers to the sides of the point.
  • Minor layout changes
  • Minor clipping changes
  • Repacked the map file
  • Added a new area behind the point
  • Added catwalks and unclipped the roof above the point
  • The medpack near the fountain is now a full pack and is near a deathdrop
  • Extended the spawn exit balcony
  • Changed placement of some firepits
  • Fixed the gates' collisions
  • When the point is capped the team that lost it gets crits for 5 seconds
  • Minor layout changes
  • Moved the gates so they now control the main route to the point
  • Minor spawn layout changes
  • Minor spawn exit changes
  • Minor detailing and texturing
  • Adjusted some gameplay variables
  • Minor clipping fixes
  • Detailing