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Liana b1

3 point AD jungle map.

  1. squ1rrel
    My first map to be uploaded here. This is no longer being worked on so I can make a better map (+I detailed too early). Thanks to Dr. Spud for the Ivy and Heyo for the Borneo assets.

    From a1, it suffered from large sightlines, was overscaled and lacked forward spawns. There were various redesigns of sections throughout the alphas. By b1, the map still suffered from major layout issues (B cp especially) however other problems had been sorted. Gone is the dreadful shutter on C. Look out the the mini Half-Life lift :)

    Some a1-b1 comparisons: (location matched as best as possible)
    Below: Blue spawn. Veeeryy overscaled.
    Blue spawn- smaller than a1
    Buildings before A- overscaled again
    Buildings before A- Smaller and has more cover
    Buildings before B- better but not useful
    Area before B- a bit crap
    20180102154553_2.jpg B cp- easy for Blue to cap
    B cp- still too easy for Blue to cap
    20180102154609_2.jpg The old Half-Life lift (in different place to b1) this was a big drop
    Smaller Half-Life lift
    20180102154648_2.jpg The ridiculous stairs next to the lift (not in b1)
    20180102154659_2.jpg C cp- upper levels needed work
    C cp- probably the most balanced part of the map

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