koth_valley a4d

A well scaled koth map with varying heights and multiple routes.

  1. Koth_valley update a4d

    Closed off an exit on the flank.
    Replaced prop jump with a ramp.
    Added no entry overlay to the far shutter on the flank.
    Closed off a dead end near spawn.
    Adjusted easter egg.
  2. Koth_valley update a4c

    Added obstacles to the spawn courtyard.
    Adjusted clipping on pipes at the flank to allow easier navigation.
    Fixed lighting issues.
    Added a woodstack under the ramp near the sniper nest.
    Added clipping to the wooden cabin thing to smooth navigation.
    Adjusted arrows to show the pipes being an option.
    Clipped stairs near spawn.
    Raised the point slightly and added hazard tape, also smoothed navigation upwards to the point.
    Removed health on the point.
    Fixed the control point not changing colour....
  3. koth_valley update a4b

    Improved the areas that displacements and brushes meet in multiple areas.
    Improved lighting in the spawn rooms.
    Removed the walkway at the flank.
    Added a wooden board to replace prop jump at the flank.
    Added pipes to replace stairs at the flank.
    Adjusted displacements.
    Adjusted health and ammo locations at the flank.
  4. Koth_valley update a4a

    Added cover to the flank route.
    Adjusted height near the cliffs.
    Added a walkway to the flank with height advantage.
    Adjusted clip brushes.
    Optimisation improvements.
    Adjusted displacements.
  5. Minor changes to koth_valley

    Minor changes include
    Updated overlays
    Updated ammopacks
  6. Koth_valley update a3a

    Major lighting updates.
    Added new route and sniper area.
    Made the map "bigger".
    Smoothed cliffs.
    Updated clipping.
    Changed respawn times.
    Changed cap time.
    Change the roofs area of the flank.
    Removed wooden dropdown and replaced with a ramp.
    Added patches underneath health and ammopacks.
    Added a "Do Not Enter" sign onto the door next to the point.
    Updated overlays.