Past 72hr Jam Entry koth_tunnel a3b

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Past 72hr Jam Entry koth_tunnel a3b

KOTH map for the 2016 72h jam.

Hi all!

This is a KOTH map I made for the 2016 72h jam. Version a2b was done within 72 hours, but I've been working on a3 since the jam ended.

I tried to make the point interesting with lots of height differences and routes.

The health and ammo placement is experimental.

All feedback is very much appreciated!

Used resources:
A Boojum Snark's Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack


20160806061516_1.jpg 20160806061521_1.jpg 20160806061526_1.jpg 20160806061531_1.jpg 20160806061536_1.jpg 20160806061546_1.jpg 20160806061556_1.jpg 20160806061601_1.jpg 20160806061606_1.jpg 20160806061611_1.jpg 20160806061616_1.jpg 20160806061631_1.jpg 20160806061636_1.jpg 20160806061641_1.jpg
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. minor fixes and detailing

    -disabled HDR mode -added clip brushes -fixed respawnroomvisualizer on red side -fixed some displacement errors -reworked cover on the lower level pointless alpha detailing: -fixed some overlays -replaced some dev textures -changed texturing...
  2. Implementing many suggested improvements and a minor detaing pass.

    -reworked spawns -tuned scaling of map -blocked off some sightlines -added vent to bats for flanking -added ramps to windows above main doors -made ground out of displacements -added overlays for health & ammo packs -added minor detailing...
  3. Reupload after data loss with very minor changes

    Reuploading after the data loss on the site. The 72jam organizers asked not to update our entries after the deadline before the showcase comes out, but I didn't want to upload the same file with different versioning so I added 2 clip brushes to...

Latest reviews

Awesome map, nice work in the Jam! Keep it up :D