koth_field a1

A koth map, not really a field

  1. strafe
    Hi all!

    This year I had a lot less time than last year. First I wanted to recreate the office building I work in, but with alterations so the gameplay is actually tolerable; it was a huge pain in the ass so I ended up scrapping it.

    I still wanted to make a map, so learning from last year I came up with some rules for myself to be really efficient:
    - koth map, symmetric, i just have to do 1 cp and 1 spawn and mirror it
    - open areas, let the skybox do the lighting work
    - no textures
    - no displacements
    - no prop doors
    - no caring about overlapping brushes and other minor cosmetic problems
    - no worrying about sightlines
    - no worrying about gameplay

    I did this in about 6 hours. It's a tiny koth map, probably too small, but it works, and if I ever get around to playtesting and polishing it, it might even turn out to be fun in its own way (probably not).

    All feedback is very much appreciated!

    Used resources:
    A Boojum Snark's Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack


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