koth_river 6

Complex koth with height variation and cover

  1. Textures and fixes!

    Version 6 Change Log:

    · Basic Texturing and brush replacement (texturing pre-existing surfaces to replace dev textures, and replacing some walls with fences and that sort of thing)

    · Add light to understairs room

    · Add collision to spawn courtyard wooden fences

    · Red mansion red dev texture fix

    · Blue balcony cobblestone texture fix

    · Cave ceiling texture fix

    · Clipping on Metal fence cave

    · Fix grey squares on underside of river at mid (one-off glitch)

    · Widen water...
  2. koth_river


    · Expand the capture zone to fill shack

    · Clip off sewer grate entrances so people don’t get stuck on them

    · Clean up right side red spawn wall so no clip

    · Add props to the arch of each spawn gate so that the sightline is covered

    · Spawn room visualisers to stop enemy team from getting in (I know, noob mistake)

    · Prop between two spawn entrances outside the spawn room to discourage spawn camping

    · Add more space to the room with two ramps and the balcony to...