koth_river 6

Complex koth with height variation and cover

  1. oliviasocks
    This is my first full map, made after analysing the positives and negatives of the viaduct formula- and that is the lack of flank routes and space for 12v12 casual play. I've designed this map with that in mind, creating a point that can be taken, defended, and lost in a comfortable cycle; as well as sidelines, courtyards, and vantages where players can fight away from the action.
    Once textured, the map will have my favourite theme- snowy! The map takes place in an abandoned estate that the Mann brothers are each scouring for treasure within, and features a prominent frosty river. Watch out for the new invasive species- pyrosharks!
    Please leave feedback if you have the time, this map is compatible with bots and I'd really appreciate some advice even if you just give it a quick look. Thank you so much for being such an amazing community!


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