koth_namepending rc2 repacked

A newcomer's first map

  1. Just name change

    Sugar Honey Ice Tea
    Just name change
  2. koth_namepending is in it's last stages, but there's still a lot of road ahead

    Sugar Honey Ice Tea
    I now have renamed what's neccesary to be able to put this map in the queue so that people can play it, still if there are any problems i can still keep updating it so it goes smoothly for everyone
  3. Name_Pending is now repacked!

    Sugar Honey Ice Tea
    I just repacked the map, nothing fancy
  4. Literally First Map v1.5.1 is out!

    Sugar Honey Ice Tea
    Reaaaaaaally minor changes, almost negigible (just added color to a wall)

    Still none
  5. KOTH_Name_Pending is finally playable!

    Sugar Honey Ice Tea
    Fixed very sneaky leak that caused the map to not load water textures properly
    Changed a lot of stuff (mainly brushes) and made them symmetrical (to make my self-diagnosed ocd happy),
    Lowered polygon count by removing excess brush cuts
    Added a secret pathway

    None (Thank gaben)

    And with that, NamePending is given my green light to go.
    Have fun!

    Also, do remember to send me messages if there's any problem with the map, i will try to answer them as soon as i can
  6. Literally First Map v1.3 is out!

    Sugar Honey Ice Tea
    Moved and added lights to the map, so they look a bit more natural
    Added details to the map to make it a bit more pleasant to look at
    Added the corresponding RED and BLU signs outside of each spawn, made entirely manual, and then added details to make them stand out more

    Problems: Water still not cooperating


    1. 1.jpg
  7. Literally First Map v1.2

    Sugar Honey Ice Tea
    Fixed nobuild problems in stairs, where the engi could build if it positioned the building just on the edge of each step
    Added "water" (actually glass) to the bottom part of the map
    Brightened some lights
    Gave color to some stairs

    Actual water textures appear as leaks in the map, i want to fix this and add actual water to this map in the future
    Class selection camera is in the void, find a way to fix this and move it somewhere else
  8. Literally First Map v1.1

    Sugar Honey Ice Tea
    Update: Swapped lower and higher portions, filled holes with water,
    added some walls to prevent snipers who remain below to camp the opposite team,
    added low walls to the point to be able to keep it a little easier but fair,
    added walls to upper exits to minimize spawncamp and spam coming from said exit,
    added a platform between floors to ease rocket and sticky-jumping (flank),
    denied the engineer of it's tools in most of the superior portion of the map
    changed the central...