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A newcomer's first map

  1. Sugar Honey Ice Tea
    This map features:
    -A two story building, with the capture point being in the upper area,
    -3 exits for each spawn, one on the left, one in the middle, and one on the right, only the third one goes up a floor, the doors on the sides prevent the player from re-entering, to encourage risky flanks, and discourage cowardness
    -Platforms located in the middle to allow flanking by rocket or sticky jumping
    -A set of stairs for each team, to allow fast arrival to the fight
    -Walls just below the platforms to prevent snipers from camping the opposite team
    -3 minutes for each team clock
    -Special locations for the engineer to build and support it's team in the upper floor
    -And more...

    It´s been about a week since i started making maps as a whole, and just thinking about pouring my imagination into something that takes place in my favorite game ever makes this incredibly fun.
    This is my first chance to contact with the mapping community, to say that another map creator has joined, and that i hope we can work together as a team
    And since this is my first map, you can expect the most basic of features that a map should have, without it being boring, at least that´s what i think.
    I would like to know your thoughts about it, so i can get to work in the areas that i lack a bit.

    Also on a completely unrelated note, i speak spanish, so if you want to and feel more comfortable, we can speak in that language


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