koth_highway A2

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koth_highway A2

RED and BLU fight over a highway of greatly exaggerated importance

This is a basic KOTH map, which is a small mining village* divided by a highway. I'm hoping to get a nice middle-of-nowhere look with it, having desert extending all around it. Cap time is set to eight seconds, which will probably change over time.

This is my first fully functional map that isn't just a cube, so feedback is greatly valued!

Various images:
2016-03-03_00006.jpg 2016-03-03_00005.jpg 2016-03-03_00004.jpg 2016-03-03_00003.jpg 2016-03-03_00002.jpg 2016-03-03_00001.jpg 2016-02-28_00010.jpg 2016-02-28_00009.jpg

*Disclaimer: Small mining village is actually a front for secret military organizations. Don't tell anybody.
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  1. Alpha 2 Update

    I made some changes to the map, I think this will be good for player testing. Changes: -Changed lighting in the spawn rooms to help highlight the resupply cabinets and the different exits -Added some cover to the point -Tidied up a lot of...