koth_heartland A4

Hey, y'wanna go to a theme park?

  1. Final Layout and Themes, very few details

    I've decided that this layout is it, good or not. From here it's fill out the themes and layout and making it look good. Almost done with the first map, soon to move onto different mode.


    1. 20190710025149_1.jpg
    2. 20190710025159_1.jpg
    3. 20190710025254_1.jpg
    4. 20190710025218_1.jpg
  2. Slight alteration, texture revamp

    basically, chose a set texture design, and balanced a few things. This is likely the final layout before I start going whole hog on details and finalizations, essentially the last alpha version.
  3. Switching from small, to "viaduct formula" with a lot of additions and changes.

    I decided to instead of drop this one, add a crap ton and rework a lot of what already existed. basically, I used a moon stone on it and it evolved.
  4. Minor Layout changes and flank tunnel change

    I have changed the jump perch into something you can no longer get onto and that covers spawn's second entrance, the flank tunnel is now a building, and the point is wider, with a clear zone of capture
  5. Changed the file type to .bsp

    Just changed the file to .bsp instead of the hammer file
  6. Altered spawnpoint and texture change

    This is to avoid some issue with the capture point being frustrating to fight on or near, and made it more symmetrical and clear where cap can occur