koth_disposal A5

My first WIP Map, set in a disposal facility next to a cliff.

  1. Major Layout Update

    Patch Notes for A5!

    - Many feedback critisms of the map was how easy it was for players to be unable to find one another, as well as find it difficult to get to the control point. To fix this, the cliffside route has been completely removed, and the area on the opposite side of the control point around the death pit has been reworked into a larger open space, merging the two ideas together.
    - Several health and ammo packs have been modified, removing them or changing the type in their...
  2. Added a new route!

    Patch Notes for A4!

    - New route added on the cliffside. This new route is enclosed and claustrophobic, but also leads to the highground railings near the control point. The bottom of the route also has a full healthkit (very subject to change).
    - Opened up the small building near the point. Now acts as two walls instead of an enclosed building.
    - Changed the dip under the point into a flat surface.
    - Added some additional cover from the lower ground approach to the control point, as well as...
  3. Reduced the extreme height variation of the high ground, as well as other smaller changes.

    Patch Notes for A3!

    - Reduced the height of the highground due to several player concerns. May still be subject to extreme change.
    - Lowered the control point and ramps near the point to make the angle of approach a lot less extreme.
    - Removed a small pipe platform near the control point, and lowered several pipes so moving from the control point to the highground is a lot easier now.
    - The railings above the control point are now lowered and accessible by every class via the pipe platforms...
  4. Very Quick Bug Fix

    Patch Notes

    - Stopped an issue causing blu players to spawn in red spawn.
  5. Koth_disposal, scaled down and with bug fixes.

    Patch Notes for A2!

    - Greatly reduced the size of the map, removing a decent portion of the map.
    - Changed the textures to be less straining on the eyes, as well as help players understand which side of the map they're on.
    - Restructured the map so pathways to the point are more understandable and easy to grasp (players were frequently getting lost trying to get to the point).
    - Add Respawn Visualizers (foolishly forgot to add them, spies were getting into spawn).
    - Changed the fall zone...