koth_disposal a11c

My first WIP Map, set in a disposal facility next to a cliff.

  1. Complete Rework

    Patch Notes for A7!

    - The map has been heavily reworked.
    - Many routes have been condensed to funnel players towards the point.
    - The highground no longer connects to the otherside, save for a small ledge that jumpers can use to cross the gap. Instead, it only provides oversight of the control point.
    - The highground and control point are now seperated by the deathpit, allowing players to have some ground against the highground advantage.
    - The cliffroute has been reworked into an underground route, forcing players towards the point from behind it.
    - Respawn rooms have been reworked and condensed.
    - The cliff deathpit are still in the map, but only minorly. Deaths to these pits are well deserved if you managed to find yourself dying to them.
    - The deathpit escape has been lowered to make it easier to land on, and had its medium health pack restored.
    - The point has been given more cover.
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