koth_disposal a11c

My first WIP Map, set in a disposal facility next to a cliff.

  1. Some experimental changes, might revert them later

    Patch Notes for A6!

    - Rearranged the ramp at the point so the cover is closer to the dangerous death pit.
    - Added an enclove at the control point to help protect players from the highground.
    - Added several new healthkits around the map, and lowered the amount of large ammo packs to small ones.
    - Moved several health kits to dangerous areas to make them more deadly to obtain. Risk vs Reward.
    - Added a way to go back on the cliff route and air duct way.
    - Removed a sightline blocker, and instead created new walls to lower the amount of sightlines.
    - Made the highground a little thinner.

    NOTE: These changes are experimental, and may be reverted.
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