koth_disposal a11c

My first WIP Map, set in a disposal facility next to a cliff.

  1. Major Layout Update

    Patch Notes for A5!

    - Many feedback critisms of the map was how easy it was for players to be unable to find one another, as well as find it difficult to get to the control point. To fix this, the cliffside route has been completely removed, and the area on the opposite side of the control point around the death pit has been reworked into a larger open space, merging the two ideas together.
    - Several health and ammo packs have been modified, removing them or changing the type in their place. The only health kit near mid is now a fair distance away that takes you away from the point and makes defending more difficult.
    - The highground has once again been lowered, and for the final time. Many players asked for this and I've complied, but it won't be lowered any further as the control of the highground makes it a valued asset.
    - The cliffside route and the route to the railings have been reworked to be one-way tickets: once you choose to take these routes, you cannot return through them thanks to doors and air currents.
    - The respawn rooms have been made into a wider area, allowing players to decide which exit they want to take instead of their spawn practically dictating it.
    - The railing area has been reworked to allow buildings to be placed, as well as a grated wall that provides cover on one end of the rails.
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