koth_disposal a11c

My first WIP Map, set in a disposal facility next to a cliff.

  1. Reduced the extreme height variation of the high ground, as well as other smaller changes.

    Patch Notes for A3!

    - Reduced the height of the highground due to several player concerns. May still be subject to extreme change.
    - Lowered the control point and ramps near the point to make the angle of approach a lot less extreme.
    - Removed a small pipe platform near the control point, and lowered several pipes so moving from the control point to the highground is a lot easier now.
    - The railings above the control point are now lowered and accessible by every class via the pipe platforms (still unable to build on them).
    - Changed the health kit on the highground to a small health kit so it isn't as easy to defend the location.
    - Repositioned spawns around so its easier for players to leave spawn.
    - Made it clear that the window in spawn is a window, and now requires jumping to access so players will know getting up there requires more effort than actually leaving spawn, but continues to exist for both detail and the ability to see outside of spawn.
    - Changed the ammo pack and small health kits beneath the point to small ammo packs and a medium health kit to incentivize players to travel there more often.
    - The cliff pathway has become thinner, making it a lot more dangerous to traverse due to how easy it is to fall off.
    - Add two sightline blockers, one outside the main entrance to the control point which will be eventually replaced by a prop, and a small change inside the main building that stopped a sightline that would be easily abusable by snipers.
    - Small little display changes, such as disabling shadows on the rail props.
    - Replaced the stairs for simple ramps (custom stairs will be made later).
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