koth_disposal a11c

My first WIP Map, set in a disposal facility next to a cliff.

  1. Koth_disposal, scaled down and with bug fixes.

    Patch Notes for A2!

    - Greatly reduced the size of the map, removing a decent portion of the map.
    - Changed the textures to be less straining on the eyes, as well as help players understand which side of the map they're on.
    - Restructured the map so pathways to the point are more understandable and easy to grasp (players were frequently getting lost trying to get to the point).
    - Add Respawn Visualizers (foolishly forgot to add them, spies were getting into spawn).
    - Changed the fall zone beside the cliff to a lava texture, so players are more wary of taking that route.
    - Added a railing between the Control Point and Deathpit, so it isn't as easy to airblast players off to their deaths.
    - Lowered the deathpit slightly so players can be more frequently pushed in from the sides.
    - Added props to act as cover.
    - Made several areas larger and wider to reduce the chokey nature of several routes.
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