koth_dam a12

A simple koth map intended for competitive play

  1. Moved spawns closer to point and added textures

    • Removed all dev textures in favor of concrete textures
    • Raised the spawns up much higher to mitigate the height advantage
    • Moved the spawns closer to point to reduce the useless open areas
    • Added some cover behind choke to block sightlines
    • Added some light props
    • Closed off lower spawn exit from the surface
    • Added a shutter between the lower spawn and the lower outside area
    • Made a hallway in the choke building
    • Added a ramp from the choke hallway to the...
  2. Added more height variation to the point and added a second choke closer around it

    • Removed the gray buildings
    • Added a choke closer to the point
    • Added trucks by the point to help block sightlines through the main choke
    • Added a wall on the lower side to prevent environmental deaths
    • Added an area below the point which can be dropped down onto
    • Added turbines below the point
    • Added a path on the higher side of point
    • Made the flank tunnel from the lower spawn door smaller
    • Added some props
    • Rearranged health and ammo placements
  3. Changed map shape and removed excessive height advantages

    I removed a lot of height advantages here but I went a little overboard and now the map is too flat. I also moved the spawns further from the point which leaves a lot of boring unoccupied area. A full list of changes is below:
    • Added choke outside of spawn
    • Added access to lower flank area from the spawn choke
    • Made the gray buildings smaller
    • Added a roof to the building further from point
    • Made the area around point flatter
    • Removed the building on point
    • Added a ramp...