koth_dam a12

A simple koth map intended for competitive play

  1. Changed to rotated symmetry and reblocked rollout areas

    This version has some pretty significant changes and I'm prepared to stay in alpha for a bit longer to iron out the reblocked areas. Some of these changes weren't exactly necessary but I thought they'll make it feel better to play on.

    • Changed to rotated symmetry
    • Lowered light brightnesses a bit
    • Moved the brick house forward a bit
    • Added some height variation inside the brick house
    • Swapped the stairs and choke positions on the main building
    • Rearranged rollout...
  2. Widened map and moved spawns further from point

    I fixed a lot of minor issues in this version which should make the map more comp-ready.

    • Widened map a bit
    • Moved the spawns further from point
    • Fixed spawns to allow 16 people on each team
    • Replaced all previous lighting with proper lighting
    • Made the nipple on point thinner
    • Added some displacement along rollout
    • Fixed single-step transitions
    • Added a flank where the dumpsters used to be
    • Added better roofs to signify out-of-bounds areas
    • Added some...
  3. Nerfed sentry spot and blocked a long sightline

    This is more of a patch version but I decided to release it as a10 anyways.

    • Removed deathpit access
    • Rotated spawns so that both doors are easily visible
    • Added some more cover to point
    • Added crates near point to allow access to the top catwalks
    • Made the main choke less wide
    • Made the side choke wider
    • Added a doorway in the building above point to nerf the sentry spot
    • Rearranged the building by the upper spawn exit to remove a sightline
    • Shortened cap...
  4. Resdesigned the point and moved the spawns forward a bit

    This update had a ton of changes:
    • Raised the middle section
    • Raised the cap into a nipple
    • Removed the walls on the catwalks
    • Split the catwalks into two separate ones
    • Split the main building in two
    • Removed the underneath area
    • Moved the spawns higher up and a little closer to point
    • Moved the primary health and ammo packs further from point
    This version is a little bland texture-wise but I was mainly focusing on the level design aspect.

    a9 pics:...
  5. Replaced scaffolding with a building and removed dropdown to lower area

    There are quite a few changes from the last version and I probably forgot some:
    • Moved each team's main building slightly closer to point
    • Removed the ibeams above the point area
    • Removed the scaffolding area
    • Added a building in place of the dropdown onto the lower area
    • Removed the fence by the lower area
    • Removed the remaining prop cover on the point area
    • Removed the roof on the point walls
    • Removed some of the windows in each team's main building
    • Moved the...
  6. Fixed download

    I had uploaded the wrong file
  7. Made some small changes to attempt to decrease the defensibility of the point

    • Made the windows in the main buildings one-way, only attackers can see onto the point
    • Raised the area around point to be less steep
    • Removed several props on point
  8. Added more cover and more health and ammo pickups

    • Replaced the railings on point with a windowed wall
    • Added stairs to point
    • Added a some props near point to be used as cover
    • Added some initial detailing and better textures to the point area and battlements
    • Added health and ammo pickups to the small choke, to the sniper box, and to the scaffolding
    • Increased the size of some health and ammo pickups
    • Cleaned up the brushwork so that it is almost entirely on grid
    • Added ibeams to the point area
    • Slightly...
  9. Removed environmental deaths near point and added catwalks onto the cap

    • Raised the point 16hu
    • Removed the wooden ramps on point
    • Added catwalks onto the point from each wall
    • Added a large wall on the outside of point to prevent environmental deaths near point
    • Changed the medium health and ammo packs on the wall to small packs
    • Fixed the ramps behind and below point so that they are less steep
    • Removed the wooden ramps by the crane in favor of flat scaffolding
    • Widened the interior hallway along rollout
    • Moved the lower...
  10. Made the point area a bit smaller and added more building features along rollout

    • Moved the chokepoints closer to point
    • Added a fence on the lower edge of point
    • Added some concrete blocks to point
    • Added a roof, walls, and multiple rollout paths to the area between spawn and point
    • Removed the ceiling from the sniper box
    • Added a new entrance to point below the sniper box
    • Added a small tower near the new point entrance
    • Change the gravel displacement on point a little
    • Added a nobuild region to the gravel on point
    • Made the glass...