koth_dam a12

A simple koth map intended for competitive play

  1. Widened map and moved spawns further from point

    I fixed a lot of minor issues in this version which should make the map more comp-ready.

    • Widened map a bit
    • Moved the spawns further from point
    • Fixed spawns to allow 16 people on each team
    • Replaced all previous lighting with proper lighting
    • Made the nipple on point thinner
    • Added some displacement along rollout
    • Fixed single-step transitions
    • Added a flank where the dumpsters used to be
    • Added better roofs to signify out-of-bounds areas
    • Added some minor detailing around point
    a11 pics:
    20170306221113_1.jpg 20170306221152_1.jpg 20170306221207_1.jpg 20170306221246_1.jpg 20170306221306_1.jpg 20170306221324_1.jpg 20170306221353_1.jpg
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