koth_dam a12

A simple koth map intended for competitive play

  1. Nerfed sentry spot and blocked a long sightline

    This is more of a patch version but I decided to release it as a10 anyways.

    • Removed deathpit access
    • Rotated spawns so that both doors are easily visible
    • Added some more cover to point
    • Added crates near point to allow access to the top catwalks
    • Made the main choke less wide
    • Made the side choke wider
    • Added a doorway in the building above point to nerf the sentry spot
    • Rearranged the building by the upper spawn exit to remove a sightline
    • Shortened cap time
    • Added two pillars by the point
    a10 pics:
    20170216163635_1.jpg 20170216163643_1.jpg 20170216163705_1.jpg 20170216163714_1.jpg 20170216163757_1.jpg 20170216163808_1.jpg
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