koth_dam a12

A simple koth map intended for competitive play

  1. Resdesigned the point and moved the spawns forward a bit

    This update had a ton of changes:
    • Raised the middle section
    • Raised the cap into a nipple
    • Removed the walls on the catwalks
    • Split the catwalks into two separate ones
    • Split the main building in two
    • Removed the underneath area
    • Moved the spawns higher up and a little closer to point
    • Moved the primary health and ammo packs further from point
    This version is a little bland texture-wise but I was mainly focusing on the level design aspect.

    a9 pics:
    20170207092121_1.jpg 20170207092144_1.jpg 20170207092200_1.jpg 20170207092218_1.jpg 20170207092229_1.jpg 20170207092234_1.jpg 20170207092249_1.jpg 20170207092310_1.jpg 20170207092326_1.jpg 20170207092331_1.jpg
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