koth_dam a12

A simple koth map intended for competitive play

  1. Removed environmental deaths near point and added catwalks onto the cap

    • Raised the point 16hu
    • Removed the wooden ramps on point
    • Added catwalks onto the point from each wall
    • Added a large wall on the outside of point to prevent environmental deaths near point
    • Changed the medium health and ammo packs on the wall to small packs
    • Fixed the ramps behind and below point so that they are less steep
    • Removed the wooden ramps by the crane in favor of flat scaffolding
    • Widened the interior hallway along rollout
    • Moved the lower stairs closer to choke
    • Added a small health and ammo pack above the lower stairs
    • Raised the area beneath point 64hu
    • Added a cylinder below the cap
    • Added a medium ammo pack in front of point
    • Added overlays to indicate the capture area
    • Replaced the large lower pipe with a metal sheet and some barrels
    • Moved the water and trees to a work-in-progress 3D skybox
    • Combined resupply cabinets
    • Removed clip above the gravel pile along rollout
    • Added glass wall by upper stairs to mitigate spawn camping
    • Fixed grid alignment for many brushes which should improve clipping
    • Added small health and ammo packs by the scaffolding
    Thanks for the feedback on the last imp!

    a6 pics:
    20161205214720_1.jpg 20161205214951_1.jpg 20161205215008_1.jpg 20161205215050_1.jpg 20161205215105_1.jpg 20161205215111_1.jpg 20161205215122_1.jpg 20161205215149_1.jpg 20161205215210_1.jpg 20161205215237_1.jpg 20161205215251_1.jpg 20161205215301_1.jpg 20161205215328_1.jpg 20161205215340_1.jpg 20161205215351_1.jpg 20161205215402_1.jpg
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