koth_collide a5

a small building that is home to both teams.

  1. new spawn rooms

    i started to work on redoing the spawn rooms and added lighting. the current lighting is only temporary and some areas are just poorly lit. there areas like corners and will get more lighting in the future. the next update may take a while because i cant figure out how to make stair cases with the arch tool.
  2. fixed file type

    i fixed the file type and i started to work on redesigning the spawn rooms. originally i was going to release a4 when i finish the spawn rooms and add lighting but i had to get this version out so people can actually play on it.
  3. finished rooms that lead to the control point

    i finished what i started in a2. all ramps that lead to the second floor have been replaced with actual stairs. expanded the balcony on all 4 sides and added railing.


    1. a3 pic.JPG
    2. a3 pic2.JPG
    3. a3 pic3.JPG
  4. testing with new layout

    in this update, i only changed one side to see if its functional and looks good. things i changed is the stairs. the stairs to the second level are now actually stairs. and i changed the size and layout of the room that leads to the control point.