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koth_bridgeway 7b

A simple and relatively small koth map.

  1. Massive patch!

    +Added more cubemap points to make things look slightly nicer (May be getting out of hand now)
    +Added more health and ammo kits (One small health, one medium ammo, on each side)
    +Added more overlays (Should look slightly more interesting now!)
    +Added more props to the skybox area (Ditto!)
    *Adjusted the windows to be more even (Nobody will notice, but it was bugging me)
    *Attempted to fix the respawn room visualizer again
    *Expanded the skybox
    *Fixed wrong textures on the RED side
  2. Large patch full of various improvements and fixes

    +Added a third spawn exit
    +Added an easter egg ( ;) )
    +Added more cover
    +Added more props
    +Added more directional arrows
    *Fixed a sentry exploit
    *Fixed lighting locations
    *Fixed misaligned textures
    *Fixed some weird brushwork on the BLU side
    *Improved cubemaps
    *Moved health/ammo kits closer to the point
    *Moved spectator cameras
    *Named the KOTH Point
    *Widened both courtyards significantly
    *Widened the doors near the point
    -Removed fences
    -Removed an ammo kit
  3. Minor update.

    +Added more ammo kits
    +Added more cover for players
    +Added more props
    *Fixed a bug with the RED spawn points
    *Fixed a hole in the map
    *Fixed clipping textures
    *Fixed prop mirroring
    *Improved clipping
    *Moved resupply cabinets
    *Moved some fences to make the map feel less cramped
    *More texturing

    Note, this does not fix everything that I mentioned earlier, as this version was compiled last night. 6e will, probably.
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