Koth Nightfall rontline theme V1.3

72 hours Frontline theme map

  1. Elia
    This is the first version of my customized map entry.
    I really like the map Nightfall; But i always had the feeling that the second world off the map could be a Koth or ctf. So i started making it into a koth map. The map had some really old props ( I am looking at you 2fort crates). So i started giving it a update too fit the Frontline theme.

    I hope the original map creators don't hate me now for changing their map.

    The map has a lot of glitches in SFM. But in tf2 itself are no propblems that i know of so far. It uses frontline props, so if you have errors you just need to install the frontline prop pack.

    Worshop page (more pictures): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1102718367
    image29.png image10.png image3690.png image3701.png image3712.png