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72hr Dubbel Trubbel Harvest 2017-02-12

72hr jam map. Customized harvest

  1. Elia
    Dubbel Trubbel Harvest

    So what is this?
    Well, this is a joke gamemode that i was talking about to a friend of mine.
    The intention of this map is to create more teamwork in the teams.
    How am i wanting to do that? Well 2 objectives will work. not?
    So you still have the middle point that you can cap but in now takes 10 minutes instead of 3 to win.
    Or you can go and cap the enemy's intelligence.
    You need 3 of them. I doesn't matter with of the tool you complete first. But the team that first finishes one of the objectives wins. (the intelegend return to base when the carrier dies). Now you see how this game mode requires teamwork? You cant defend the intel while capturing the middle point.

    I didn't have enough time to start a map from scratch. This is also the first time i made/customize a map. So expect bugs and glitches. (I used hammer in the past to create scenes for sfm).

    Well, i hope this map can bring some fun to some people.
    There is also a ctf version too. Thought i should mention that.


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