koth enterprise

koth enterprise v1

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koth enterprise v1

This is my second map.

Any criticism is important for me because with every criticism I can make the map to a very funny and exciting map. It also has a day/night cycle
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Hi i am back again (experimental update)

    (oh it seems that I gave you guys an broken Update) -Added a new path to get into the main hall -Added Day/Night cycle (very glitchy some times) -changed day light ( is seems darker on the picture than it is) -redesigned the vent -Added a nav file
  2. Hey I am back

    Nope I am not dead. -changed many ramps to stairs -replaced some texures (they are still buggy) -added some props -reworked the vents -remade the roofs outside -changed many walls to props If I have forgotten something tells me about it.
  3. Update 6

    Made the map more town like added staircases on the right hallway