Kemptown rc3a

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First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. koth_kemptown_rc3a

    * Updated menu photos * Grounded some levitating props Also, I've made a new Workshop page! Go subscribe!
  2. koth_kemptown_rc3

    * Fixed some custom assets being missing * Added more spectator cameras * Minor detailing tweaks and fixes
  3. koth_kemptown_rc2

    Overhauled artpass: * Created a 3D skybox (at last!) * Removed a bunch of custom content * Also added some other custom content (tee hee) * Removed a bunch of unnecessary clutter * Several improvements and adjustments to out-of-bounds details...

Latest reviews

Overall a pretty solid King of the Hill map. I think it encourages fun combat in multiple different parts of the map, though mid in particular usually has the most hectic and enjoyable fights. I feel like the map is more geared towards lower player counts though, as for KOTH the map is rather short. Regardless, I end up having fun more often than not on Kemptown. A solid 8.5/10!
that fountain IS really, really nice
I love this city type of map, idk valve dont this on the game ;(