Kemptown rc1

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Kemptown rc1

Fight over a fountain. A really, really nice fountain.

Compact King of the Hill map set in some kind of small European town.

Formerly known as Salt.

Workshop link!
(Also available in Arena flavour!)

Thanks to:
The Frontline! Community Project for several assets I've used in this map
E-Arkham for this specially-made fountain prop
Idolon for these specially-made roadsigns
Yrrzy for the 'Mud Pies' logo
Thomas Kemp for the name
First release
Last update
King of the Hill
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. koth_kemptown_rc1

    Managed to gather up the willpower to finally put out a Release Candidate. There aren't actually that many changes; mostly bug fixes and minor visual improvements. * changed some detailing and removed some clutter to hopefully increase fps *...
  2. koth_kemptown_b8

    yes I am still working on this General: * FPS improvements * detail improvements (ft. watergate texture blends) * clipping improvements * made the lighting less bland * blockbullets'd all the stairs (not sure why I didn't do this earlier but...
  3. koth_kemptown_b7

    * frontline.jpg * HDR! * fixed shitty prop fades * other general detail stuff * it's now 74mb I'm so sorry

Latest reviews

that fountain IS really, really nice
I love this city type of map, idk valve dont this on the game ;(