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Kemptown rc1

Fight over a fountain. A really, really nice fountain.

  1. koth_kemptown_rc1

    Managed to gather up the willpower to finally put out a Release Candidate. There aren't actually that many changes; mostly bug fixes and minor visual improvements.

    * changed some detailing and removed some clutter to hopefully increase fps
    * changed some func_details to func_lod
    * fixed some clipping errors
    * fixed some floating props
    * added some ambient sounds
    * easter eggs!

    And in case anyone's wondering about that Arena version I had tested the other day: I was hoping to release that...
  2. koth_kemptown_b8

    yes I am still working on this

    * FPS improvements
    * detail improvements (ft. watergate texture blends)
    * clipping improvements
    * made the lighting less bland
    * blockbullets'd all the stairs (not sure why I didn't do this earlier but here we are)

    Control Point:
    * added func_nobuild to the fountain so you can't build minisentries in it anymore
    * the fountain particles now extinguish anyone who's on fire (experimental, might end up sucking balls)

    * smoothed out the...
  3. koth_kemptown_b7

    * frontline.jpg
    * HDR!
    * fixed shitty prop fades
    * other general detail stuff
    * it's now 74mb I'm so sorry

    20160805065028_1.jpg 20160805064854_1.jpg 20160805064829_1.jpg 20160805064749_1.jpg 20160805064732_1.jpg 20160805064718_1.jpg 20160805064705_1.jpg 20160805064608_1.jpg 20160805064553_1.jpg 20160805064438_1.jpg
  4. reuploading due to download issues

    reuploading due to download issues
  5. koth_kemptown_b6a

    * fixed fountain particles not rendering

    * fixed blu spawn not having any light props (I have no idea where they went????)

    * (hopefully) fixed dodgy cubemaps on the spytech floors
  6. koth_kemptown_b6

    * finally replaced the weird brushwork fountain with an excellent, custom-made model by E-Arkham!

    * more detailing improvements, including adding some lovely street signs made by Idolon

    * changed capture zone boundaries so you can no longer cap the point while standing on the huts on either side of it

    * attempted (and probably failed) to optimise the map better

  7. koth_kemptown_b5

    * removed about 90% of the custom content, reducing this map's size from 10mb to 5mb

    * made the fountain a bit narrower to give more room to the capture zone

    * misc detail stuff
  8. koth_kemptown_b4


    * modified fountain to be lower and narrower

    * fixed some dodgy clipping

    * fixed some dodgy detailing

    * replaced some ramps with stairs

    * probably the last version before RC



    1. 20160519150726_1.jpg
    2. 20160519174159_1.jpg
    3. 20160519174203_1.jpg
    4. 20160519174247_1.jpg
    5. 20160519174344_1.jpg
  9. koth_kemptown_b3

    * optimisation improvements

    * artpass improvements

    * I forgot what else I did
  10. koth_kemptown_b2a

    * actually packed custom content this time
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