Kazan A5

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Oh hey, finally an update to this. I completely remade everything after the first point in a4, and here I changed even more!

  • Remade section after the caves
  • Added good lighting to the caves
  • You can now shoot through the bamboo outside Blue spawn
  • Changed Blue spawn a bit
Yeah, that's it. The main difference is the last area.
Will repost this later, probably with better lighting and stuff
Just a small fix, to fix the 2nd point and the collisions of the tree in Blue's spawn not existing.

Based on the feedback I've gotten, it seems like everything up to the first point is fine, but the second half needs to be completely reworked. I'm going to try and have a4 out before the gameday on Monday.
  • Moved resupply cabinets in Blue's spawn farther from doors
  • Added an exit to Blue spawn
  • Widened crevice at last, and made it harder to get out of, but added route between it and another room
  • Gave Red a bit more highground on last, and widened the hallway outside of red spawn
I think this will be the last update before I begin work on stages two and three.
  • Shortened track by 384 hu
  • Widened most flanks
  • Deleted some flanks
  • Fixed missing textures
  • Raised a lot of ceilings
  • Added a few new paths