[JTTE] Traditional Chinese Bench 0.1b

decorated bench composed of redwood and straw.

  1. mouse 2
    A decorated, traditional chinese bench, composed of straw and redwood and featuring chiseled designs, because even god-emperors need to rest every once in a while.

    This is my first model, and as such i apologize if anything is out of the ordinary. I created this for the JTTE contest, under map props category. Criticism is appreciated.

    I plan on improving this model based on criticism and releasing an SFM version over the next months.

    To use, simply merge the first "models" folder with you own, that should be located in ":C\Program Files (86x)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf "


Recent Updates

  1. Fixed folder structure

Recent Reviews

  1. 4/5,
    Version: 0.1b
    The model looks absolutely beautiful, and the wood texture fits very well with TF2's artstyle. My only gripe with this prop is the beige texture on the seating itself: it's a bit too grainy. I advise decreasing its contrast or, better yet remaking that part from the ground up.

    Good luck with the competition!