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  1. ALIEN31

    Dinasty A2

    [In early stages] Credits(Assets, i don't know the specific authors)): Me: Cannon, Wall, Skybox. Others: Japan Props Pack, Cursed Cove Doors, Mayann project, Frontline.
  2. mouse 2

    [JTTE] Traditional Chinese Bench 0.1b

    A decorated, traditional chinese bench, composed of straw and redwood and featuring chiseled designs, because even god-emperors need to rest every once in a while. This is my first model, and as such i apologize if anything is out of the ordinary. I created this for the JTTE contest, under map...
  3. Seitan

    Naogui RC1

    ctf_naogui is a Halloween Capture the Flag map set in a haunted, abandoned old chinese city. FEATURES ·Capture the enemy flag to open a portal to the underworld ·Fight the Skeleton King and the Horseless Headless Horsemann and a lot of skeletons ·Spells ·Two different underworld locations ·A...
  4. Seitan

    Beidian B1

    An assymetrical Scream Fortress map on an abandoned chinese town. This map contains: -5 Control Points -Underworld -Trains! (No actual Train God presence on this map) -Smells like chinese food 24/7 -Ghosts (somewhere, soon, maybe) Also this map uses the following custom content: Construction...