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  1. Graypairofsocks

    [JTTE] Flag (with Cross pole) 0.5

    Team colored flag. Sort of inspired by the concherors flag. It probably isn't that good.
  2. Graypairofsocks

    [JTTE] Smooth Rock. 2018-06-30

    Authentic smooth rock. For use in Rock gardens, Zen Gardens, temples gardens, waterfalls, rivers, and idyllic spring forests. Disclaimer: May not be suitable for rock quarries or rock concerts. Warning: This rock is not graded for use as a weapon. Do not attempt to use in an offensive...
  3. Graypairofsocks

    [JTTE] Thin Banner 2018-06-30

    Need to make sure that anyone visiting your fortress, palace, mother's basement, or museum knows what team you are on? These exquisite banners will do the trick. They were handmade in china by our most experienced calligraphers and paper-makers. Disclaimers: They are more like wallpapers...
  4. mouse 2

    [JTTE] Traditional Chinese Bench 0.1b

    A decorated, traditional chinese bench, composed of straw and redwood and featuring chiseled designs, because even god-emperors need to rest every once in a while. This is my first model, and as such i apologize if anything is out of the ordinary. I created this for the JTTE contest, under map...