jokes a4

A Map With 32 Jokes.

  1. Now with 32 jokes

    -Added 18 more jokes.
    -Made the map compile faster with no performance drop, much to the dismay of at least 3 people who don't know about optimization.
    -Enlarged suggestive window.
    -Added a route between red and blu top. (Timings are not affected.)
    -Moved ammo packs from spawn to low circle.
    -Added a higher area to walkway in low circle to aid attackers and enable jumping possibilities for scout and pyro.
    -Streamlined mid-high-outer geometry.
    -Reduced big slope on outer route.
    -Top bridge...
  2. Now with 14 jokes

    -Added suggestive window. Peer through it, and become mad at him.
    -Added 10 more jokes.
    -Expanded top window so there are no blind spots.
    -Brightened everything.
    -Lengthened high and low circle.
    -Widened mid circle.
    -Narrowed outer route.
    -Added stairs from low circle to enemy high circle.
    -Improved accessibility on ramp to team high circle.
    -Made bridge from outer to top into grating to suggest... uh... looking through it.
    -Small and large geometry changes to help spies and snipers. You...
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  3. Now with 4 jokes

    -Added motivation.
    -Removed healthpacks.
    -Raised mid wall to meet ceiling.
    -Added high ground route to aid defenders.
    -Widened mid doorway.
    -Despite everything I say about this, lowered cap point enable time from 45 to 35.


    1. arena_jokes_a2.png
  4. made lighting less blah

    -Made lighting less blah