jokes a4

A Map With 32 Jokes.

  1. Now with 32 jokes

    -Added 18 more jokes.
    -Made the map compile faster with no performance drop, much to the dismay of at least 3 people who don't know about optimization.
    -Enlarged suggestive window.
    -Added a route between red and blu top. (Timings are not affected.)
    -Moved ammo packs from spawn to low circle.
    -Added a higher area to walkway in low circle to aid attackers and enable jumping possibilities for scout and pyro.
    -Streamlined mid-high-outer geometry.
    -Reduced big slope on outer route.
    -Top bridge now has metal and grate footstep sounds.
    -RNG issues should be less common now, even less so as more jokes get added.


    1. arena_jokes_a4.png
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