1. b4b

    Another Bad Pun
    I owe you no explanation
  2. b4a

    Another Bad Pun
    Bug fixes
  3. b4

    Another Bad Pun
    • Displaced the rest of the map
    • Minor changes to spawntimes and door wait times
    • B point moved slightly forward
    • Clipping fixes
    • Moving clouds

  4. b3

    Another Bad Pun
    minor changes, 3D skybox in places
  5. Jinn but the download works

    Another Bad Pun
    okay let's try this again
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  6. jinn

    Another Bad Pun
    it's called jinn now


    -Made B cart doorway smaller
    -Changed how river kills players
    -Displaced about half the map
    -Pickup placement alterations
    -Changed cover at starting area around Blu spawn
    -Spawntime adjustments
    -Moved A point backwards to help Red defend better
    -Gators no longer eat you
    -More cover at last

    hl2 2019-08-01 03-15-30-92.png
  7. josh_a8

    Another Bad Pun

    Contest Version

    hl2 2019-03-04 00-24-31-92.png
    hl2 2019-03-04 00-20-16-03.png
    hl2 2019-03-04 00-19-42-96.png
    hl2 2019-03-04 00-28-31-90.png


    Map Author: Another Bad Pun
    Egyptian Theme Assets: Freyja
    Textures: Berry
    Point Holograms: Icarus
    Drink Machines: Boomsta
    Space Wars Console: iiboharz
    Radiator: Idolon
    Torch Flame & Firefly Particles: Exactol
    Beach Poster: bakscratch
    Drink Machines: Boomsta
    Boat Model / Misc Models: Swamp Pack
    Additional Props: Frontline Pack
  8. josh_a6

    Another Bad Pun


    -Added moneyface

    hl2 2019-03-02 15-05-21-19.png
  9. josh_a5

    Another Bad Pun


    -New Routes around A
    -More closed doors now tell you they are closed
    -Extended wooden balcony by the river a little bit
    -New door at the end of the Birth Canal
    -Adjusted spawntimes
    -Adjusted pickups
    -New area by red last
    -Made sniper nest at the start slightly larger
    -Breakable barrels now act like water, for some reason?

    hl2 2019-02-27 20-30-55-05.png hl2 2019-02-27 20-32-20-12.png
    hl2 2019-02-27 20-33-14-07.png


    1. hl2 2019-02-27 20-32-45-13.png
  10. josh_a4a

    Another Bad Pun
    last version had an error

    -Fixed spawn door not opening on point capture