Jinn b10a

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Another Bad Pun
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Latest updates

  1. B10A: Minor Fixes

    14bit again, here's some fixes! Fixed a few clipping issues, thanks @Boonie! Fixed buoys at Blu spawn not animating Fixed several missing overlays Further adjusted the final path_track position to ensure the cart falls in the pit with the new...
  2. B10: The Jinn Pit Is Now Water

    Hello, 14bit again! Mostly gameplay stuff this time, though a little detailing here and there. Changes at A/Blu Spawn: Doorway to A flank rotated by 45° Blu's other main spawn exit has returned (Blu now has 4 exits) Changed Red's spawn time...
  3. B9: The Jinn Pit is Now Sand

    Another spicy 14bit update, even though this will say it's from abp for some reason despite me (14bit) being a "team member" for it here on the site. Mysterious! Changes at B: Added a window to the ceiling so you can see between the point and...

Latest reviews

Not a bad map at all, the ending is the most fun by far.
It was a good time. Felt like it could be in the game with some more aesthetic polish.