1. josh_a4

    Another Bad Pun

    -Raised blu start spawn to give blu more advantage in the opening
    -Removed one spawn door in that spawn
    -Payload now starts slightly further up the track
    -Adjusted cover
    -Added more pickups to B, hoping it will help red defenders
    -Adjusted cover to reduce sightlines around A
    -Adjustments to red respawn time and spawn doors
    -Pickup adjustments
    -Removed staircase by the cart path in starting area
    -Lowered cliffside area next to red's spawn at last
    -Moved final point closer to red spawn
    -Tightened areas surrounding final point
    -Widened staircase at last
    -New staircase at last
    -New resupply lockers in both blu and red spawns
    -Broke a column or two

    hl2 2019-02-25 21-07-46-35.png
    hl2 2019-02-25 21-08-10-14.png
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