Ishtar b1

Egyptian theme CTF map with a unique layout

  1. beta

    Messing Around
    Hit beta because there won't be any major layout changing, just some small adjustment and detailing

    -Properly packed this time

    -Intel room changes:
    Nerf the Intel room wooden platform down to one floor
    Add a climbable ladder (with a sign to make it more obvious)
    Make the broken bridge un-buildable

    -Mid changes:
    Put down the big bridge to avoid players attack the wrong direction (go up the enemy's spawn)
    Add a small path connects 2 platforms...
  2. feedback and detailing

    Messing Around
    Changing map based on feedback + Start detailing

    Intel room:
    Nerf some sentry spots, make it harder to get back to the Respawn room

    Resupply room:
    Split the Full medkit to 2 Mediums, lower the platform, raise the water[​IMG]

    Middle area:
    Scale it down, rework the bridge