Instagib: UFO A2


  1. Mâché
    Thanks to Le Codex's wonderful logic work and knowledge of attributes, we have made something somewhat-resembling the old instakilling-deathmatch game, Ratz Instagib.

    The rules, in brief:
    1. Soldiers only, recommended you use the stock/original
    - Rockets move insanely fast and all attacks one-shot (the Instagib)
    - Airstrike is banned and certain other rocket launchers are not recommended
    - Shotguns/other secondaries deal no damage, but melee works fine
    - Gravity is lower and your regular movement speed (including turning speed) is buffed
    2. Whoever reaches the point limit first is the winner; to score points, just kill your opponents!

    This map is basically a test run for the """gamemode""" itself, set in a UFO powered by One Whole Sun!


    Special thanks:
    - Le Codex (logic)
    - Zeus (being cool with running a late-night test of this map and being super encouraging)
    - More to come, if this mode takes off :)

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