Instagib: UFO

Instagib: UFO A2

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Massive thank you to Zeus for getting his buds and other TF2mappers on for a near-full sever experience on this map! Codex and I got some valuable info on the game logic, and I felt invigorated to update the arena itself some more.


Logic Updates/Fixes
- Fixed team scrambles messing up the attributes on round start
- Slightly reduced rocket speed to reduce deviation due to clamping

Arena Updates
- The central core now deals way more fire damage (about 60 health per second) if you stay right next to it, making it properly deadly
- Core now rotates and emits a quiet hum
- Made certain stuff world geo instead of func_details
- Several small detailing updates
- Raised up the vortex at the bottom of the skybox to make it more imposing
- Fixed stuck spot on ramps on base floor
- Deepened skybox pit so corpses don't smack the bottom of the skybox