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To my surprise, the first play-test went very well. I did not expect people to like the way my map plays. The majority genuinely liked the way it looked like. And it was also noted that the map is quite good for A2.

Before the play-test, I wasn't a fan of the bridge and the control room. Although people seem to like them. However, they did point out that the map sort of feels like a CS:GO map due to low ceilings and a lot of cover.

It's a bit hard to tell why, but many play-testers have been running around inside rather than outside. People did point that out as well.

To solve this, I have decided to make, so the capture zones activate separately. Basically, in the first 30 seconds, people will have to deposit the waste outside only. Then after another 30 seconds, they have to do it inside the power plant. Then again outside - you get it. That should stimulate everyone to move from place to place, so people get more into fights than get lucky to find somebody to kill.

In addition, voice lines have been added, which will tell the player where the active capture zones are located.

And before I forget, the winning score was too high. I literally got bored watching a single demo file, especially seeing that players being spread out. So the "point per player" variable got reduced in this version.

With all of the main changes above, it should be more fun to play the map now. Keep in mind that this is the A2A version. I did not change anything in the layout for now. Once more play-tests occur, I will hopefully know what to do further.

Main changes:
  • Added two new voice lines for when capture zones become active.
  • Adjusted every water texture's scale from 0.85 to 1.
  • Adjusted "point per player" variable from 5 to 3.
  • Adjusted timer, so it appears faster when the round starts.
  • Fixed the tank floating in the air.
  • Fixed misaligned textures.
  • Adjusted the timing when inside captures zones and outside capture zones become active. Both will activate separately. First outside capture zones will become enabled after 30 seconds. After another 30 seconds - inside capture zones will activate. And vice-versa.
, I don't remember shit on everything that I have done. I do remember the important parts, though. So here's what I will say;

The previous version was unpleasantly unplayable. Since I was making the map during the 72hr Summer Jam 2019, and since I did not prepare well before the Jam, the map could not be quickly made.

However, even if it looked like utter garbage, I did not hesitate and decided to improve it while bored. Typically I wouldn't say I like seeing my own garbage being... garbage, so I wanted to improvise.

The main problem with the map was the fact that the gamemode itself wasn't fully implemented. For those who are not aware, the gamemode in this map is Player Destruction.

If I recall correctly, I had difficulties setting up the .res file for the gamemode during the Jam. Not even regular TF2maps.net Discord users could not understand why my own .res file did not work.

In Player Destruction documentations, Egan forgot to mention that for the custom .res file to work, it needs to be packed into the map. I found this answer by digging deeper into replies to the PD's gamemode forum topic. I wish Egan could edit the PD's documentation right now, so newer people are not dealing with the headaches of setting up this gamemode. That wasted my time significantly.

You might probably ask me: "Frosty, what the actual fuck are we collecting and depositing on this map?" To that, I would answer by saying that we kill players to collect radioactive waste and deposit them in the garbage. Not great, not terrible, ey?

Now, did I watch HBO: Chernobyl before making this map? Absolutely not. Instead, I got more inspired by the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. I speak Russian blyat (which is my second language), so me being a gamer and 21 years old, I should know what S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is. But did I watch HBO: Chernobyl later. Of course, I did. I would be ashamed if I did not.

But anyway, I am not sure which direction should the map go - should it go more to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. based ideas or HBO: Chernobyl steps? Currently, there are two S.T.A.L.K.E.R. related things that you would find on the map. I'll let you find that on your own - you just have to trigger one of those areas for them to play something and visualize something on your screen. Just don't run any stupid configs, you plebs, and you'll see some cool stuff.

As for the layout, I am somewhat happy with the mid, but I am not satisfied with the bridge and the control rooms.

Control rooms have a big sniper sightline, so maybe I'll just put something there in the middle, make the area bigger, so players could also go downstairs or upstairs. However, that might make another problem with high grounds. I will have to think about it.

When it comes to the bridge, I got no idea what to do. I am not even sure what there should be. If there will be buildings instead of the bridge and the water, then would the power plant be visible and look iconic? I would really be glad if somebody could help me with some suggestions.

Little side note. I might have over-detailed some things on the map, but I think it'll be fine. Also, I am not sure what kind of ending the map should have when all waste has been collected. Especially if we mention S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or HBO: Chernobyl themes.

I don't know what else I can write, so here is something that I barely remember - changelog.

Main changes (that I remember):
  • Added all necessary entities for the Player Destruction gamemode to work.
  • Added additional props for the bridge for cover.
  • Added cubemaps.
  • Added areaportals and hint brushes.
  • Added team lights next to spawn doors.
  • Added more clipping on computers and some roofs.
  • Added more light_spots.
  • Added soundscapes.
  • Added more spectator cameras.
  • Added more lights in the reactor room.
  • Added more stools in the control room.
  • Added new yellow particles on the top reactor.
  • Added an effect when standing on the reactor.
  • Added an effect when standing next to the power plant's roof.
  • Added more health and ammo packs everywhere.
  • Some existing packs got moved.
  • Adjusted tonemap_controller.
  • Adjusted existing light entities such as:
    • light_environment
    • light_spot
    • light
    • point_spotlight
  • Replaced some point_spotlights with env_lightglow.
  • Replaced the skin of both chairs in the control room.
  • Replaced wooden doorframes with metal material.
  • Replaced the water's trigger_hurt damage type with FALL.
  • Replaced reactor's trigger_hurt damage type with GENERIC.
  • Used better-compiling parameters.
  • Fixed reactor's trigger_hurt not being present next to ceiling's reactor.
  • Fixed the water's kill trigger being absent in the power plant.
  • Fixed some leaves of the trees going through the walls.
  • Fixed RED mirrored props.
  • Fixed RED spawn related entities.
  • Removed trigger_hurt on the sides of the power plant.
  • Removed some lamps in the control room.
  • Removed some chairs in the control room.
  • Removed shadows from some trees (more to follow probably).
For now, my current goal is to see how the map currently plays. That's mainly it.


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Added the lights that I forgot to compile.